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For many people, the Iranian culture and Islamic religion are  foreign concepts, those traveling to Iran will benefit greatly from at least a basic understanding of these fundamental differences that shape one nation from another.  The land of Iran is one of the oldest inhabited lands on earth.

Persian or Farsi, is one of the world's oldest languages still in use today, and is known to have one of the most powerful literary traditions and potentials. Persian poetry with masterpieces of Saadi, Hafiz, Rumi and Omar Khayyam is well known around the world.
As all Persians are quick to point out, Farsi is not related to Arabic, it is a member of the Indo-European family of languages.
One more art intertwined with Persian culture, worth mentioning, is the art of cooking. Persian foods, accompanied by herbs and spices are product of the creativity, skill and patience of many generations of cooks


Tehran is one of the world's largest cities and the capital of Iran . Tehran Bazaar area is absolutely worth visiting, there you can find anything you ever may need: food clothes, shoes, gold, tools, machines - everything.  To see the real life and feel the heart of Tehran this is just the place to go, even if you are not going to buy anything.


To get to the Bazaar area it is recommended to take the Tehran metro, which is a nice and fast way to travel in Tehran.


 Weather, Iran Time 
To know what is the time, how is the weather or other information about  Iran Now you may refer to :


The present unit of Iran currency is Rial. For Iran currency coins are available in denominations of 10, 50, 100and even 250 Rial. The Rial has replaced the earlier currency known as the Iranian Toman.
Iran currency that is Rial can be bought from the foreign exchange banks as well as the leading money exchanges. one "toman" equals 10 rials.


What kinds of drinks are possible to buy in Iran?

You can buy Any kinds of soft non-alcoholic drinks. There are Iranian made drinks as well as international brands served everywhere. People drink tap water. It is filtrated and refined before supplied to them and you can take Iranian bottled water prepared according to the international standards for both domestic and export uses too.


What are the prohibited items while traveling to Iran?

Alcoholic beverages, narcotics, guns and ammunition, all horticultural and agricultural goods including seeds and soil; aerial photo cameras, transmitter receiver apparatus, pornography, most films, cassettes, CDs and videos and any kind of immoral books and journals and fashion magazine are the prohibited items.


 According to customs regulations, each traveler can bring, duty free, one of the following items as personal belongings: jewels, camera, non-professional video or movie camera, binoculars, portable music instrument, portable cassette tape recorder, portable personal computer (notebook). However, everything should be mentioned in the Customs Statement Form upon arrival.

Export of antique objects, handwritten old books, vestiges of Iranian culture and civilization, old coins, different kinds of jewelry (except those personal jewels mentioned above), paintings and other cultural items without the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is forbidden. 


What is the usual clothing in Iran?

For female tourists, suitable attire showing respect for Iranian cultural and Islamic values and norms is essential. Suitable clothing for women and men are showed in some pictures. Also Shaking hand for women and men in public centers is not allowable.  Photography of all historical and cultural heritage sites is allowed except on military sites.


Are credit cards accepted in Iran?

Not exactly. There are not any official services for the internationally known credit cards in Iran. Some Iranian private banks are trying to arrange services for the international credit cards these days. Also, some smart businessmen can accept credit cards. In some particular shops you can purchase some items like carpets, handicrafts, jewels, etc by credit cards like in some major hotels or some other shops outside hotels. Generally, it is recommended to take some cash with you while traveling in Iran.


Electric power plugs are operated at 230 Volt AC with a frequency of 50 H
ertz. But all teammembers should bring 1 to 3 or more adaptors for themselves.


Health and insurance
All tourists need Health Insurance Card  to be covered  for all emergency medical care.



Foods and Fruit

There are different kinds of foods in Iran which are made from meat, rice , fish an so on and different kinds of fruit like peach, plum, strawberry ..





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