Jury Qualification

Jury Qualification

Jurors must either have :

  • a degree in physics


  • a degree in physics education and three years of teaching experience in physics at a secondary school level

This applies to all persons acting as jurors: team leaders who act as jurors and independent jurors.( EC Decision)

Note:  each team has to nominate one of the team leaders as the jury. If this is not the case ,they only can send one team leader .If a team wants to have two persons available which do not take part in the jury, it is possible, but one of them has to act as a visitor and hence pay a registration fee.  Team leaders (those who are as juror) and independent jurors are asked to send their CV to publish in IYPT 2011 booklet.



The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) is a competition among teams of secondary high school students. They should  participate and in their ability to solve comrehensive scientific problems. They also should present their solutions to the problems in an acceptable...More...