Iran in IYPT 2010


  Silver Medals in IYPT 2010

Persian Young Physicists' Tournament (PYPT)  has been organized as a national tournament since 2008.  Each year , more number  of students developed high interest  to participate in the PYPTs and  the IYPTs.

In 2010,  the Iran team members  (7 ) succeeded to receive the Silver Medals of the IYPT 2010 in Vienna. This was due to  the experiences gained and lessons learned from previous particiaptions as well  as hard work and good team coordination which led to a high sucess.



 The  team members were selected from the national tournament ,  3rd PYPT  run as follows:
Reza Montazeri Namin and Meraj Boosaki ( Mofid 2 Complex)
Saba zargham ( Mahdavi Complex)
Zahra Karimi ( Kherad Complex) and
Ali Farajolahi ( Tose- Saderat Complex)
Team leader were Hamid Ghaednia and Hamidreza seifan .

The report is on ISNA website , Iran and Khorasan newspapers too.

As  the regulationsthe teams as follows were awarded  the first place ( Gold Medal):
New Zealand

The five next best teams were  awarded second places (Silver Medal):
Chinese Taipei

The following teams were awarded  third places (Bronz Medal):

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The International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) is a competition among teams of secondary high school students. They should  participate and in their ability to solve comrehensive scientific problems. They also should present their solutions to the problems in an acceptable...More...